Reviews for "metroid: the lost level"

its a me mario!!

I love mario remakes so this is good in my book. Dont worry I diddnt blam you

... Crap on the rest of Newgrounds?

Maybe i should blam you for saying such a thing.

Actualy it wasn't the worst i ever saw. Try to improve graphic quality the beggining felt too wide open. The ending just (in my opionion) sucked. I mean "Mario and Samus kill echother with blood all over and mushrooms coming out of marios head"??? Come on you can do better than that. If you want it to last on Newgrounds you need to make an animation that is better, but you are almost there.

not too bad

it was all good up until the ending. i really thought it was good until you started scanning boack and forth after the third time. then the blood and the piano killed it. make the blood realistic and get rid of the piano and itll be so much better

Its ok but...

its a sprite movie, but u added humour in it which wos ok, u jus need to add better music and wen samus jumps she flips fowards (lol i sound like a rite dik) and more sound effects wen samus shoots or explosion etc


Samus and Mario, super awesome! I vote 5 (crosses fingers for a protection point). but seriously, it made melaugh