Reviews for "metroid: the lost level"


a super headshot! SAMUS VS. MARIO!


Movie : 10/10
Sounds : 8/10
Ending : uhhh what tha heck? 3/10
sprites/models/whatever theyre called : 10/10
5/5 and 9/10 because of the uhh...weird ending


its tru that theres lots of shit worse than this on ng and the web...but it still sucked so its 3/10 for me


It was kinda funny, and ur right, It is alot better than some vids here.

It may have sucked....

It may have sucked in many ways but I agree. "ITS A LOT BETTER THAN A LOT OF THE CRAP ON THIS WEB SITE!!" Nobody should really be flaming u like a lot of people are.
Its not as bad as everyone says. all I can say is try to make it make more sense (eg a bullet wouldn't go through Samus' armour) and get better graphics because thats all tons of people care about.