Reviews for "metroid: the lost level"


it was quite fun but that's all :P


not bad metroid game, and you're right when you say its better than other crap on here, because it is.
this was rather random and short too, the use of sprites was good, but if you had taken some more time and drawn them, this movie could've had some great potential to be a good movie, im not saying it sucked though, im just saying it could've been better.

so bad its good

had to laugh at the paint drawn things lol

Not bad not bad

ok it was decent some parts I just wished they hurried up and shot each other, but it was good.

Hehe or im a too good rater

or is just what i rate high cause i cant do flash..lol....if i could do stuff like that =( i even have problems making a loader...enjoy your 4, i liked the lost lvl hehe