Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Interesting... oo;...

Hehe... Normally I don't leave many reviews... But I had to for one special reason....

xDDD You used the Mr. Bean music when the Mecha first came down like a candle or whatever! Haha!
I'm sure very few people know what the Mr. Bean show is though. With Rowan Atkinson. ^_^

Anyways, very nicely done. I like your style of animation too. There are some parts where there is very little detail, but it's perfectly drawn so everyone knows what it really is... Hopefully what I meant was understood. ><

Great flash! I look forward to more!

Id rather Mecha-King Menorah won :)

Id rather Mecha-King Menorah won :)

But ok, nice flash.

not bad

pretti cool but i kinda got bored coz of my short attension spannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......WOW LOOK A FLY!

That was Kewl dude.

I liked it as well.

Do you mean Vinnie The Crumb? ;-)


Hey, preeeety good. I love the humour (The Angel-faced tree is cool) and the music (One-winged angel!! =D ), and of course the graphics are great.

BTW, do u know Vinnie? *^.^*

Aaaaa, sigue asi!!