Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Still Great...

One of the first flashes i ever watched on N.G. - still by far one of my favorites.
Your style is just the shiz.


Time to lay off the drugs. And make a sequel to Penndragon already!

Wow, Godzilla must feel left out...

Man! That was an awesome flash! A DBZ scouter? And the Christmas tree's face looked like Sachiel's from Neon Genesis Evangelion. And the Channukah monster lost huh?

great movie!!!!

does christians really think hanuka that bad? i mean, the menorah the bad guy, the Xmas tree saves the day (although i liked the menorah as a beast... made me think different about the menorah...)? well, as u may know (and may not) hanuka wasnt mentioned in the bible unlike most of our holidays, it was for the jewish victory on the greeks, and im saying that, because of the guy before me... he sayd something about christmas being better than hanuka... and let me say something about it... WHY THE HECK IS XMAS BETTER!?!??!! u didnt won the battle of the history!!! jesus was born jew!!! he wasnt christian all his life!!! only people who doesnt know nothing from theyre lives says the other holydays r better!!! point taken...

i dont have much to say but.... keep up the good work!!!


all your movie dose is give the impression that christmas is better then chanukah and that is why the tree won and we are monsters.