Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"


so my religion to you is a big evil giant monster trying to destroy the city
while christianity is a big friendly tree that saves the day and brings snow and joy
LEAVE RELIGION OUT OF FLASH PLEASE good graphics but i hate the message of the movie

Purely Amazing

It is hilarious. I mean at first I thought the title screen was like a Dragon and something. Then the Menorah came down and started killing when they thought it was good. Wow, I can see why you submitted it. You did it 4 t3h lulz!



i'm still laughing it was great !!

Interesting 1st flash!

Nice animtation, creative storyline, i love it. Xmas and Hanukkah in a Godzilla battle. Classic Giant Fight who takes little note or care about the little things around em like ppl. haha! Good work for a start. Keep it up!


Great first flash! Some of it could use improvement, but for a first, that's rather amazing!