Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Your creativity is amazing.

I enjoy all of your movies, but this one and penndragon especially. You think outside the box and this movie is hilarious and yet still at the end you make sure to promote tolerance between the faiths. I also recommend you send the Penndragon flash to Frou Frou just to see if they like it. Anyway, have a good day and keep animating as well as you do.

Religious against commercial?

Basically, your saying the commercial side of the winter holidays (the Christmas tree) is better than the religious side?

That is what I see from this flash.

Put more thought into what you are saying please

Are you trying to say that Hanukkah is evil?

Why did you make Hanukkah the bad guy, I mean, cmon

Wow :D

Kwanzaa's goin' down! XD


As soon as a I realized that the fight (or most of it) was from the first episode of Evangelion, I started cracking up. That was awesome! The animation and art-style is highly stylized, which is always good. I was a little worried when I saw that all the people where stick-figures, but my worries were put to rest by the middle.

I'm going to be starting my own little animation project pretty soon, and stuff like this inspires me to continue.