Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

holly mac and chees

well iv seid this befor about other flash vids but i take it all back ...... THIS IS THE BEST VID I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!!!. sure there is a slight bit of rasisom but who am i to yalk that was awsom please reply and i want to see more like this from u i look at awe

spacejelly responds:

thanks, it was fun to make.But I just thought it was funny, i didnt mean It to be racist! anyway im gonna sumbit this...awsome...movie soon, about a vampire hunter. im halfway done, and i actually know how to use the program this time so its just gonna rock.I also have tons of ideas for a squel to this movie, but its gonna be real long, and and all action. I have this idea that the governemnt builds a giant pilotable robot from the remains of the menorah. and it ends up teaming up with the christmas tree against this awsome mutating holloween monster. wow...It would be amazing. I may even throw Kwanzaa in there. anyway, its just an idea.


Man i love that movie dude. Reminded of the old gozdilla movies and when the tree cut dude in half he kinda looked like spawn. Good movie man


It was very genius of you to make a flash film with the menorah and the christmas tree fighting and making it a spoof of Godzilla vs. king gehedorah. That was pretty hilarious

iconaclash of the titans

that looked great!! i was i little worried by the warring stick men but from then on in the dimensions of the movie just kept opening out... i loved the mix of graphic styles from lazk stick - to photo montage... scribble delish...and you just kept turning it up!!! candle sticks meet christmas tree... explodify!!! you've watched much manga and picked up the best from it... your cutting and movement through the storey was lightning... despite warring cliche... this is a favourite of mine.,,, specially since your clashing icons... 'iconaclashing',,, one of my favourite pastimes...

spacejelly responds:

EXPODIFY!!! wait, you gave me a 10 for violence? save that 10 for the one where the guy gets his intestines ripped out his anus

god this is awesome

good job.Very creative