Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Loved it

That has got to be the best Christmas special yet. Liked how you combined the Neon Genisis Evangelion style in with the christmas tree. The whole 1st angel attack theme was great also.


that was soooo damn funny!!!!! I loved how you used the photo's as back drops, you made it work perfectly!!! and the idea of a giant x-mas tree and a ....err, candle thingy, battling it out was awesome!
this is definantly one of the most original flashes that I've seen. Great work! 5/5


Great flash nice that you obviously don't take religion to seriously!

spacejelly responds:

well i just find it funny how christmas and channukah are always fighting for attention. but like godzilla, christmas always pwnes channukah, then returns to the sea from whence it came.


very unique and thats why i loved it so much.....this movie gets a Napoline Dynamite......"sweet"

This guy should make anime for a living

This is the best flash movie I've ever seen. I just love it, I wonder If he would make a New year's and chinese New year flash movie.