Reviews for "DKC2 - Brambles"

Very nice!

Love it!


Wow, this remix hit me hard, it sounds very calm and peaceful yet still has that kick to it. I hope you continue to make more, because this audio is amazing.


Outstanding job! I love it, it brings back memories of game plays with this series. This is the best Donkey Kong Country game that i truely love. Great music, awesome graphics, awesome everything!

I am glad that you have done an superb job on it, this deserves a download!

-happy tears-

Right out of a fantasy world...

Powerful optimistic music that fully portrays a world of adventure and excitement. An outstanding piece that would work well in many different types of games. Excellent builds and descents. Truthfully, your song beats almost all the top songs for this genre. Reminded me of one of those anime MMORPGs.

Very Nicely Done!

This just so happens to be my favorite DKC2 song lolz. I like how you arranged this piece. Usually I don't review arrangements of famous composers' works, but this one was too good to pass up on. Keep up the great work!