Reviews for "DKC2 - Brambles"


The memories this brings back of fun games on cartridges, and the mastering on this was flawless, nothing peaks, no frequency clashes, nothing out of true.

The drums were epic, breakdown with the pads and the gated synth worked excellently, what more can I say?

It's definitely worthy of a McAwesomeBurger award.

Good Job

YOu did really good remaking this song with different instruments and then stepped it up at 1:07 with a drum beat that goes well with this song.

Darkmoor responds:

thx man. Its one the more enoying courses in the game. Thank god for the good and calm music or else I would be standing without a snes, dkc2 cartridge and half the wall :)


It sound so peacefull and enjoyable.
You did the right thing with making this.

Darkmoor responds:

thx. really love the game so I thought I should honour it with a remake.