Reviews for "DKC2 - Brambles"


Too fine, just awesome. This is music, everything just flows together, like if all the instruments are part of the same river, flowing... flowing.... flowing...

deliciously 90's

I attempted this one, but you really got this down!
you captured the feel so nicely, the piano...everything.
I agree with gonaka, it's not screaming for attention, but seduces
those who pass like a cruel seductress! MUAHAHAA!!!
(ok that analogy is a bit dramatic) ^^"




an excellent tune to begin with but this remix helps knock it that notch extra. a solid remix that doesnt try to overdue it, nice and subtle. love it!

You made me happy

This song is just great, is great in the original game and in here; i hope you do more remixes of DKC2 because their songs are just great. One more thing, congratulations! You're song is the second one i review with a 10; but maybe you deserve 100