Reviews for "DKC2 - Brambles"

this is amazing !!!!

the best redone of an videogame music ever
i know i hated this level so much, but i loved this music
maybe this is the reason you must make this song
if i could rate 100 you get 101
so much feeling in this song so much details, i couldn't remember
i hope you make more song like this

mfg quarks

checkout my music too
(i'm not so talented, but hey... i'm trying) :D

HmHm. Ironic.

I was just playing this yesterday. I really love this song, and you COMPLETELY captured the imagery and calmness that was in the original. Its so relaxing. Which is what the original was ^_^ Good job!!

What i found hardest to remake about this

Is maintaining that strings progression.

It's insane to keep it going, and keep it going correctly. You hit this one right on the head. Grats on frontpage, ben awhile since a bramble made it to FP.

Incredible remake, but it's not the only i've heard thats amazing. I'm not comparing you to them though, in judgement, this is a Job well done. 5/5 and 10/10


This song is very relaxing, and great! keep it up!


Great, really relaxing and emotionally uprising. However, I think the hi bi can be lowered a little bit. it seems piercing at some times. Maybe just me. Caution : Microphones would reck your ears at a medium volume of this song. Speakers are fine with the hi bi. But I reckon its a little bit high. Good score 10/10 :] I liked it. Keep it up