Reviews for "DKC2 - Brambles"

Final!!!! I found It

I listin to this song on the game it self and put the cheat in onetime right on to this SOng I LOVE YOU MAN!! 5/5


The fact that everyone else has done it wouldn't seem like a reason FOR doing one but anyway...
It's rather nice and pleasant. You kept quite true to the original version.

Donkey Kong Country 2 FTW!!

Great submission.

Love this remix.

What else can I say, everything fell together, and love the beat mix after the 2nd loop!


I'm so jealous. This is awesome! I have attempted on a few a ccasions to come a up with a good mix based on this song. You just came out with the song that has me excepting defeat. Tuche'!

The best remix ever.

I've always loved the original song and oddly rarely any good remixes ever pop up, but this one is one of those masterpieces. You nailed every small detail on the song perfectly and it even sounds more relaxing then the original song itself.