Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

What a marvelously

boring, empty and overall pointless flash. All those 4 months for nothing.

God that was hideous

Ugh I sieriously could'nt watch that after about 3 mins, the jokes were completly off timed and being backed up by the worst voice actors I've ever heard doesn't make matters much better. The animation was ugly as a 100 year olds ass. The story didnt go anywere. And It looks like you cut out random pictures, made cloths for them and moved there mouth. Awful awful stuff, I'm deffinatly not watching the next two.

I would like to dispell something here

Sephiroth is Evil. I don't know what universe you guys have played Final Fantasy 7 in, but Sephiroth is EVIL TO THE CORE! There is NOTHING good or nice about him. Sephiroth would have killed all those other cast members, destroyed that bloody castle with a single spell, and walked off to continue conquering the world!

Bloody fan boys/girls, always trying to turn Sephiroth into a good guy. Sephiroth is the BEST BAD GUY of all time! Stop trying to make him something he isn't.

BTW: A parody is something that copies another in an attempt to make fun of the original. This is in no way a parody. It's unique in it's attempt to mix FF characters in a world all their own, but that doesn't make it good. And, I might add, this flash wasn't funny in the least.

Sorry, but thumbs down.

Seriously people

You need to stop wanking to Final Fantasy.


why does every final fantasy thing have to be so gay?