Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


It's all I can do to resist saying things such as "horrible" and "terrible." I'm sure you did put a lot of work into this submission-- it does show-- but I think that you could've made it run a lot more smoothly than it did.

A lot of the characters were, for me, unrecognizable, and the jokes were stale at best. While it's a vast improvement from the first, it's not a series I'd bother checking up on.

dude.. so many mindles fanboys out there...

i like final fantasy as much as the next guy. but im not gonan vote 5 and 10 just because it has anythign to do with final fantasy like.. well 99% of newgrounds would.i really did not like the voice acting , nor the fact that the characters like sephrioth said "fuck" wth i dunno if hed ever say that - you took a badass character and turnd him into some dumb-fuck retard. people need to stop with the final fantasy spoof/ripoffs because you destroyed alot of the good characters.

well there you go.


ARGH! That was terrible! Sure, the drawings was nice, but there was no fucking animation. All tweens. That got annoying really quickly. And all the jokes failed to hit. I just found myself extrememly irritated. Blargh. Damn the FF fans...


Oh God, where to begin...

--The camerawork is sub-Uwe Boll.
--The voice acting is flimsy and the actors ill-chosen.
--The animation I shall not critique on the basis of tracing images, since the authors fervetly deny this is the case. I personally think otherwise, judging by the inconsistent level of quality. There were buttons at the top of the screen meant to improve/decrease quality, but they didn't make the movie any better, which was a shame.
--The story is terrible. Seriously, take a creative writing course, English workshops, SOMETHING that will keep you from throwing a million Final Fantasy characters into an horrible plot.
--"I think we're in a neoclassical context." I rest my case.

This was really quite pathetic. Some work went into it, yeah, but the whole concept is so lazy and uncreative; it was really a pain to watch.

Minus Final Fantasy, it would've never been liked.

Oh boy, where do I start? Let's talk about the drawings. They ranged from the common and utterly craptastic "graphics" to the rare, superb, smooth, and artistic kind. Some of the plausible graphics were traced. I can sense tracing from a mile away. Compare it with everything else. May I ask why every female is more anatomically exaggerated than her in-game persona?

Next up is the sound. Some of it was meek, and most of it was actually comprehendible. The quality wasn’t the problem; it was your actors. Choose voices that suite the characters. Also look for real talent is this department, too.

I never rate violence because I find it meaningless and unnecessary in many things; this is not excused from so. The normal reaction from your stereotypical fan boy is “PLZOLLOOLOLOLKTHX FYT 2 DA DEEEEEEEETTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHH.” I’m not an avid Final Fantasy fan. I’ve only found two games actually good to a great extent: Final Fantasy 6 and Final Fantasy 9, which also makes me question your absence of characters from both of those.

Let me touch the “humor” department. Unless this was made to be laughed at and not with, you’ve succeeded, but if it was meant for me to laugh at the jokes, you’ve failed. The jokes were corny, but I have to hand it to you for making them original, but, unfortunately, they were dissatisfactory. You’ll get the stereotypical fan boy from Newgrounds to just LOVE your movie due to the fact that there’s jokes… about VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS *OMG*. Get someone who knows how to make those with an IQ above 60 to laugh, which includes randomness. Yes, you can still include inside jokes from the game, but don’t base the whole thing about that. It only pleases one audience.

I don’t know if it was supposed to be a serious storyline. The humor didn’t appeal to me, so I assumed that the storyline would make up for this. The humor was better than the storyline because there is none. Crono comes, gets his head chopped off, Marle pulls him in, the Balamb gang follows, they enter Castlevania for some unexplained reason, and evil voice tells them to leave, they split into cliques, roam the castle, Wakka vomits on Sephiroth, and Sephiorth cast an evil spell to destroy all. Quite a stereotypical “u wandr ento dangroz teretoreee u die now” storyline. Remove the Final Fantasy and video game characters, and it would probably be blammed.

Overall, you get a one out of five. That may be a little harsh, but this deserves it. It’s only popular due to the Final Fantasy characters. Furthermore, I’d like to tell you that I applaud your commitment to the whole project. Four months is a long time according to most people.

Better luck next time, and good job for reaching front page.

Toonimated responds:

MikeToreno, of all the stupidest reviews ive read in my life, yours is the number 1.

1. Traced? I NEVER EVER trace a pic. NEVER! I can copy it, but tracing it NEVER! so dont say things that u dont know.
2."They entered Castlevania for NO Reason" If u had paid attention, the group entered to rescue Zell...
3. "The Pictures are varied a lot in graphics" If u have read the beginning it says: DRAWING AND ANIMATION: JULIAN, ARTURO and FRANK, so we are THREE dudes that draws! thats why the graphics are constantly changing, but I like how it turned out.
4. "Youve got 1 out of 5" Seriously...Ive seen ur favourite movies...and 50 percent of them are crap, oh and u dont even have a movie! hahah, u dont know anything of flash.

Sorry, but i reviewed like this for being the stupidest review ever.