Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

Boring as hell...

Besides the fact that you catched the crappyness of the post-FF VI characters right, this was a total waste of time watching...

it was ok

well there was alot of inaccurate things like i don't believe Wakka would say "fuck" or be afraid same with sephiroth and the word "fuck" and well there is alot more but the other main one i wanted to mention was krypton didn't have any "Supermen" because the red sun of Krypton blocked that plus they didn't wear the red and blue suits they have a much different look

Toonimated responds:

lol! its a parody! its not the REAL or OFFICIAL series!

How Should i Put this...

There was just something that bugged me, the voices were bad, the animation just wasn't right and the story line was......ya....Also i got really really bored ~1 minute in.

Good drawings.....just aren't enough make the front page.....They probably pitied you since you put so much effort into it.

I mean i like ff, but the movie sucked.


I know you worked really hard on this, and it does show (much better than previous versions), but this still lacks polish.

Not just the crust on the rim, but pretty much the whole can.

First off, the art was okay. I thought the character models were better than before, but sometimes the way the characters, background, and other things came together seemed really inconsistent and awkward. There were a few characters that looked traced....I don't think they were, but it did seem that way. You should refine your art style so that this issue doesn't come up.

The sound should've been better. Much of the background music was stuff we've seen in so many FF movies. Most of the voices seems miscast. It just didn't seem to fit a movie....

...that's supposed to be a PARODY. That's what I think you wanted, but the voices and writing made it corny rather than funny. Nearly everything seemed cliche, and what wasn't got ruined by bad dialouge.

Please don't get me wrong, it's not a bad movie. It's just that if you take away the "Final Fantasy" element, this movie is barely passable.

It's still an improvement though. Congrats on the frontpage, and good luck in the future. Keep at it.

Could be better

I think the drawings haven't improved at all, or at least that's how I see it. And this part of the episode was rather boring. Let's see if the other two parts are better since this is only the setup. Oh, but the sideblow on the narrator's voice was pretty good