Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

it was ok

well there was alot of inaccurate things like i don't believe Wakka would say "fuck" or be afraid same with sephiroth and the word "fuck" and well there is alot more but the other main one i wanted to mention was krypton didn't have any "Supermen" because the red sun of Krypton blocked that plus they didn't wear the red and blue suits they have a much different look

Toonimated responds:

lol! its a parody! its not the REAL or OFFICIAL series!

Go back and work harder

1. Way too many of your characters have too many lines to them. Hair was a mess and while some areas were OVER "penciled" other areas were WAAYYYYY too weak.
2. Second, for the love of Yevon work on your voice overs. They were atrocious. And the story... you make The Wall Strret Journal captivating.
3. Shading was worrible. Just cuz you slap a color down in two tones does NOT make shading. Auron is NOT a pimp, he's a eunich. Sephiorh does not laugh evily, he's stoic and an impatience killer. If this were a Mario Submission I'd appraise you, but this is Final Fantasy. Work harder next time. As for the whole mouse drawing thing...not an excuse at all.

Could've been better.

First off, nix the buttons that don't say what they are until waiting three seconds to appear at the title screen. Also, I don't like the pronunciation 'Balamb' and 'Quistis Trepe.' On the same note, Sephiroth, Tidus and Wakka never swear. Next, half the voices are good, but the other half are horrible, namely Wakka. Even for an impression it really sounds nothing like him. The direction felt very poor, as many times there would be a large unnecessary pause between lines. Lip synching was just as bad, along with the multiple traced images. It's just like any other horrible NG submission only with some time and energy put into it. So what IS original in this? Nothing, probably.

The secret scene is dumb and makes no sense. I hope you purchased Advantage's album for that song.

"Oh god I have to sit through Supernova again."

Toonimated responds:

I never trace pictures.

Have you even played Final Fantasy?

The least you could have done was make the characters remotely like their actual 'in-game' personalities. And though it's probably all 'cool' and everything to have them swearing in near enough anything they say, none of those characters don't talk like that at all in the games they're from. You should probably have considered how they actually would have acted (this probably isn't really 'serious' or anything, but it can get annoying).
Though I admit that I laughed at how wrong you'd made the characters though... Especially Auron.
The animation was okay, I suppose... Better than I could do, at least.
As for the story... Was there one?

coulda done much better

im pretty sure my title thingy says it all but... i guess i should clarify. ok, your animation sucked ass compared to Mixed in Balamb 1. most of the time the characters looked as if they were toothpicks, and they also looked like they were demented morons. The voices u had for wakka and some of the other characters were much better in the first one and the sound was waaaaay to quiet. o, and Sephiroth would NEVER act like that, with the hysterical laughing and the actually talking.... he woulda kept to himself and just killed them all in their sleep.... er.... yeah. The way you portrayed Sephiroth sucked. He's kool, you made him seem like a loser. anyways, you guys coulda done much better!!! i was really disapointed! =(