Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


This was great. My only beef was the selection scene: the buttons moved really slow and would return to their original place if you move the mouse. Besides that: Wow. Soo good. I can't wait for 2 and three. The secret scene isn't that secret (damn reviews...like mine), just click on the

Aiiiee!! ^-^

w00T!! Just as Good as thenfirst one!!! ^-^!! if you're cartoons were people, Iwould marry them!! :3

"I Call Cloud and Squall!""Fuck That!!' XD!!!! Omgwtfbbq!! I'm Cryin...


dude this is so cool i really like it make more it a awsome movie and my friend say that quisty voice is hot so(really horny sexy voice ) ...... well cant wait to see the other one

hehehe it felt like watching a lampoon movie......

very nicely done,., Mwahahahahaha Mwahahahahaha!!!!!
Mwahahaha!!! **cough** **cough** Mwahahahaha!!!!!!

Awsome man !!!!!

This is cool man, keep up the good work guys and I hope it won't take to much time for the next one. But nicelly done and good story. Hope after the ballamb story you'll make another one like this with the same characters but in a different place. Anyway good work !!!!!

Peace :)