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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

i just picked random numbers

dude can u give me your aim, i have something to tell you. This was a good game but it needs more

RVWD responds:

why do u give everything a 6, and the overall score a 3??:|


i played that game a so many times just for the music.... and it wqas good, but hard as hell to dodge.

RVWD responds:

hehehe, i kno;)

Good Job

This was a great game. Everything just goes togeather, and it works great. Also, the highscore saving system was impressive.

RVWD responds:

alright!:) thnx!!


It was alright and pretty well made, but the coolest part is the music, love it!

RVWD responds:

hehehe, ok:D

Unique :p

wow ok, ummm very interesting, and very impressed with the fact you made a high score saving system as you said, <claps> loving the sound :p :D good job

RVWD responds:

hehehe, alright!:D