Reviews for "Taegukgi"

think you could have gone way beyond a stick flash

I think you could have made an animated flash instead of a stick movie I mean heck out your awesome tank and guns they were so detailed totally awesome. But it was kinda too short and had no point to me. So yea get some practice.

2 words spring to mind DUCK AND COVER

Dude that was a fast paced sluater fest

13 days impossible

tough luck indeed for the last dude


That was great overall. I was wondering why all the guns shot like that. You could only hear full-auto guns, but when you saw the people shoot they were like a pistol.

this is fu----cking good!!!!

no comments on this one, toughLuck kicks assssss!!!


this is by far the most killer stick flash i have ever seen... it really rminds me of and old game for N64 called Conkers Bad Fur Day... its got an element of suspence and thrill... watching this made me wanna play a game lik Brothers In Arms or Socom: Navy Seals... this is definantly goin to my favorites list