Reviews for "Merry Christmas Tom Fulp"

A Senseless Act of Violence...

but hilarious... in a bloody type way.

sjoert responds:

Blood! Violence! Good!


Tom went even more Badass >=3

sjoert responds:

Yeah he did!

nice work

i only have one question. why was he licking the person's face at one part?

sjoert responds:

Yeah when you're on a killing spree you always have to lick or eat someone while he's dying/dead, that's an unwritten rule!


Makes you really think about the man running newgrounds. All we can hope is that no one went to say Merry Christmas to Tom, for burials on the day after Christmas usually suck.

sjoert responds:

Well maybe he just burries the bodies in the jard or eats them :)

Tom is way to cool to do that

everyone knows that tom owns a Mac 11 not a Mac 10. Everyone also knows Tom puts a silencer on his guns. This movie was just to violent. Gob bless TOM.

sjoert responds:

Whoah I didn't know that, I thought it was a Mac 10 because he likes noise...