Reviews for "Merry Christmas Tom Fulp"

What the Hell?

What just happened? Very twisted and weird. No point. Anybody could have made that... Hmmm...

sjoert responds:

Well not someone without hands...

or feet or strong tongue or a big nose or ears or breasts or something else what you can use to operate a computer

what you doin'

What the hell you trying to do! You trying to make Tom look like Pico or somtin'. This is the stuff that can make you get waked. I liked it, but i sugest that instead of Tom you should put Pico. He's more bloodshed than Tom

sjoert responds:

That would ruin the plot I think.


This did deserve a front page! Great work Palooza, your best yet!

sjoert responds:

Yeah! thank you kooguy!

Brilliant for Christmas.

Did Tom fulp see it and if he did what did he say i bet he liked it?

Anyway good work i hope to see some of your good work in the future.

sjoert responds:

I hope he liked it! He did see it or he just put it on the frontpage because his name was in it :)

I hope Mr. Fulp isn't to dissapointed...

Pretty bad, not funny. The voices sounded like they were coming out of a dying animal, and the work on how the people looked and their facial expressions were pretty shitty. Anyway, Merry Christmas Tom, I hope this doesn't dissapoint you to much.

sjoert responds:

Well if it DID disappoint him he wouldn't put it on the frontpage I think...dying animal?...hmm...I think I'm gonna go to the kitchen now and eat some...."dying" animal.... yeah