Reviews for "Merry Christmas Tom Fulp"


Okayy? Trying to get a little Fulp attention, are we? And what the hell..... is that Haruko from FLCL?? haha. I don't blam this just for that. It wasn't that bad anyway, just not funny or interesting. :P Animation was ok though. especially Fulp, except he didn't move much.
No hostility.. you could produce something nice, with a good storyline and some jokes or something... ;)

sjoert responds:

Hahaahah, why are there so much anime fans?!

Awesome haha!!

I was laughing threw the whole dam thing and i still am!! HAHA man!1 This is Genius!!

sjoert responds:

Thanks you very much zipzone!


First off I will say I cannot do flash, but telling people that they should not be critiquing your work because they have no flash submissions is like telling someone they can not give you an opinion on a video game or movie unless they can direct/create them. (Even though most of them can be pretty bored)

Other than that decent work of flash, many things could be worked on to make this flash better. But for a job thrown together due to a deadline I will say it is pretty decent work.

sjoert responds:

Well, I don't say you shouldn't critique if you don't do flash but I say you shouldn't critique very harsh and say stuff like: This sucks camel balls!! and give 0 score if you don't know how hard it is to create good flash. Fortunatley you're not one of those people and I'm very happy with your honest review and I agree with your review too.

yay haruko

I LOVE the way you drew me as Haruko...so cool. Yeah, it was fun being a part of your Flash ^^

sjoert responds:

Glad to hear that, you were the first user who helped me and I drew all the users how they wanted it(kinda) Thanks again!

Hmm, glad this got the front page.

It really deserved it too, I'm surprised it didn't stay on that long and has such a low score, this is at least 4.00 material in my opinion. Hopefully with this review your next flash will be even better. First off, this was VERY original, I don't think I've seen any other flash like it, that's grade A material right there, a perfect way to make a good flash. Another thing you can improve upon though would have to be the graphics. Although the animation was smooth and went well, I'm sure we could have all liked to see some of the artwork to be done better, mainly on the characters. But it wasn't bad, just not the best, a bit too choppy on the violence also. You could have done that better, I didn't see very much work put into the blood and gore and such. But I did find the flash to be extremely funny. A group of NGers breaking into Tom's house to say Merry Christmas and him going ballistic because they made him die while playing Alien Homonid. Nice concept right there. Also, you could have used some better sounds for the violence scenes and such. But overall it was a really good flash that I enjoyed watching, I can't wait to see what you have in store for NG in the near or distant future.

sjoert responds:

Wow best review yet! Thank you so much for your critics and nice words! I know I can make my next movie better if I put more time and effort in it and reviews like this make me want to do that!