Reviews for "Merry Christmas Tom Fulp"


I guess that means don't talk to Tom Fulp when hes angry! :)

sjoert responds:

or don't make him angry!


Lol @ j00! Oh, my God! That was some of teh funniest shit I've ever seen! "You're in deep shit now, you little son of a bitch!" The graphics were nothin' extraordinary but the humor was what did it for me. You have a vry bright future ahead of you, old boy! Cheers!

sjoert responds:

old boy? don't call me old you're same age as me(according to your profile) Thanks for your review! and glad you like my humor!

was that teasin tom fulp

i guess u hate tom for making a cool game and site.... i pitty u.

sjoert responds:

Yeah I hate him, he shouldn't have made newgrounds, he shouldn't have made me wanna make flash, he shouldn't have filled my days with joy!!!


not very good

ok. pointless. really, the plot was a piece of dung. i'd give it a very low score if it wasn't for the graphics. try again

sjoert responds:

Will do, Marky Boy!

Excellent conclusion.

Whilst I doubt that would ever happen, it certainly fits with his projected character, certainly that of the site anyway.

Music fitted perfectly - specially liked the ending piece - and Tom's glee had me chuckling.

The production values could be higher and some graphics could be better, but the story carries itself really and it isn't as if the graphics are actually /bad/.

sjoert responds:

Great review! Thanks alot!