Reviews for "Paragon"

I love this

I think it's one of my absolute top newgrounds favourites. I keep repeating "Why are you waiting for, darkness to rise again" in my head. It is so awesome, beautiful but yet hardcore. I love it, And I am waiting for more!

cool is the only thing i can think of

im not a big fan of industrial (besides ramstein) but this is really good makes me want to sway amlessly in a dark club


Made me want to get up and snap my fingers while bouncing with the beat. I'm definitely downloading this.
The vocals are very beautiful, while the melody is grinding yet trancy.

I was going to give this a 0, but...

...then I realized you weren't ripping off Combichrist at all. Sorry if the review title comes off as abrasive. I like the down-tempo vocals, it makes an interesting contrast to the song. Overall, it's a very good piece, and if you were able to trick my ears, well, shit. You're pretty damn good. :D


I love the sound, but the only reason I won't give a ten is because I think it would be better without the vocals.

Great job though!