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Reviews for "Paragon"

Awesome on its on Merit

Not going to sugar coat it, this song is just awesome, simple as that. And even the singing works, which is relatively hard to pull off with the industrial medium, but you did a great job there too, and best of all, it's more like growling than screaming which is great too.


Next Big Thing.

Man, this is professional work down to the core. You will go far if you keep at it hardcore.


that song was fucking epic ...but i agree with the other people about it being in aggro tech or whatever its called cuz its not really all that industry-like.... 0.o


I liked this almost as much as blooddriver i think it was called. anyway you do great work man. I usually dont like vocals but this worked out realy nice. haah i used blooddriver on a school project and my teacher was jammin with it hahahah.

Sweet Unholy Christ Flavored Crackers.

Okay, well, you're my new idol.
I wanna grow up to be like you.
I feel like I should be pulling that bit from "Wayne's World" where Wayne and Garth throw themselves at the feet of their idols and start bowing and chanting "We are not worthy!"

That "melody" is amazing. The faint, scratchy one that's about 5 or so notes.
I love how the vocals start to growl a bit, like you're about to go full tilt Aggrotech, and then it backs off in to clean vocals again.
I could sit and praise every bit of this song all day, but I don't think it's necessary at this point.