Reviews for "Paragon"

Sweet Unholy Christ Flavored Crackers.

Okay, well, you're my new idol.
I wanna grow up to be like you.
I feel like I should be pulling that bit from "Wayne's World" where Wayne and Garth throw themselves at the feet of their idols and start bowing and chanting "We are not worthy!"

That "melody" is amazing. The faint, scratchy one that's about 5 or so notes.
I love how the vocals start to growl a bit, like you're about to go full tilt Aggrotech, and then it backs off in to clean vocals again.
I could sit and praise every bit of this song all day, but I don't think it's necessary at this point.


This is pretty decent. Also loved the other song you made... I'll be following your work and I'll support you!

By the way, if you go serious with the same sound, don't go by the genre Industrial because you'll be horribly misplaced. This is more of a combination of Aggrotech and Electro-Industrial. Just noticing ya!~ :)

NuKeMOuT responds:

I wish audio portal included those sub-genres. Thanks for the review!


I really hope to hear more from you.


really good. im expecting more real soon lol.


Theyve said it all already man, this is some very professional sounding stuff. Very very good job.

As far as constructive critisism, I've got nothing to add really, except when are you bringing more? :P