Reviews for "Paragon"


This song is most definitely the best song on Newgrounds, you could do this as a job, if you had more songs.

I want to have your babies

Seriously, this is an amazing piece. And it's great that you've set yourself a timeline so that others can anticipate more. Keep this up and you could have a very successful album, maybe even land your music on Itunes. I would love to have this song on my ipod. Ha, I made a Newgrounds account just so I could comment. Orgasm for the ears, that's what this audio is.


Dude holy shit that song defines the very essence of industrial!


Now THIS finally shows that NG Audio Portal is worth something. The most professional sound I heard on this website so far. Great job!

I feel... evil

the song just seems so evil! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! errr... scuse me, anwyways great job!