Reviews for "Paragon"

Youre such a genius!

This is one of my favorite songs since you uploadet it. So, what´s up? I need more!

My heart stopped

This the one of the best tracks I've ever heard.

You're the paragon bro!

Man, you should continue making this stuff,
If I would have to give the definition of industrial music I'd say: THIS!
I love the dark admosphere and the vocals
sounds like.....nukes...

Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

Kick, Ass, Vocals

The vocals are awesome. Would of loved some time stretched vocals and backverbing and all the good shit. I can't really make out much what it's saying, lyrics would be nice but I mean the feel and the screaming at the end is great. Such great atmosphere work in this. I love the dirty synth with the simple melody.

Interested in a collab by chance? I mainly produce hardstyle but I can be diverse. Check out my stuff and hit me up with a PM :)


Blackout I'd say. :P