Reviews for "Slugger's X-Mas Greeting"

its always a pleasure

haha, another great submission. always a pleasure to see your work :P haha.
the song was pretty cool, not to mention catchy... as i found the lyrics to be most fitting, haha.
oh, and the visuals to go with it weren't too shabby, either, lol.
another well made movie.


Another masterpiece by Walrus, whenever I see your movies I know I'm gonna LMAO :-)

((( OK )))

Well not like your other stuff, but still gave me a few laugh the file size could also be worked on among other things, but like i said it gave me a few laughs...


I miss Reginold...

...but it fills me to the brim with Christmas cheer to see Slugger again! The song was killer, and the holiday hotties were a welcome treat.


Your animations are all pretty much like this, and I love it. Your characters seem to be just like me and my friends. Cocky and funny.

Thanks for the laugh, and as always, the partially naked women. Amen.