Reviews for "Slugger's X-Mas Greeting"

Needs Nipples

There wren't any nipples, they wrre always blocked out. It sucks.

Nice song

Nice spin on the song there, although the sound quality wasn't the best. and as for the last guy, just because he makes a song about getting boobs for xmas doesnt make him a virgin who never saw any ass. He just wanted to make something funny, so hush.

To the guy before me:

Youre either a 13 year old, pimplefaced kid who has never seen ass and must wank off to every picture of a woman or youre a 30+ year old guy who also hasnt ever seen a real human female naked (believe it or not women are real, wow) and even isnt as picky about what he wants to wank off to. If you want porn go to a porn site, the movie is perfectly fine and doesnt need anymore or any less nudity.


Ok its good because its hot girls but its hardly hardcore porn is it?
We want the real stuff,propper porn not covered up tits if you wanted to see that all you hav to do is walk down the street.
If you ever make a second version include no clothes.

Nice sexy women there

Nice work!