Reviews for "Slugger's X-Mas Greeting"


that was well funny, keep up the gr8 work

as for the last guy??? u like bobs??? lol *backs away* lol


i am a boy, so sure i like it. bobs i like bobs.


Okay this was so totally funny. Not only the video. But like right before I saw it. I so had a boob incident. Like..Okay..get this.
I was eating..soup and stuff. Tomato soup. And my bowl all..had this leak. And I had the bowl up by my boobs. and I looked down. and I had like..soup-y boobs you know? It sucked. Then I saw a boob video..how..Ironic.


that was sweet dont we all want some tities for christmas dont we

good one

it was awesome. the song was funny, and i'm glad to see Slugger getting a cartoon all to himself. good pictures too. hope to see more of your great work soon, and hopefully another Y.A.A.F.M.