Reviews for "Slugger's X-Mas Greeting"

I love slugger.

I am gonna sleep well tonight after watching that ^^

Nice one!

This is a cute little holiday movie. The pictures were great! They weren't all that explicit, but they were pretty hot, anyway. Slugger's song was great! Classic, immature guy humor. And a merry, boob-laden Christmas to you, sir!

Very nice bods!!!

All tits are covered though,so whats the point?

boobies r grrreat

its boobs its boobs all i want for christmas is boobs girls r so fuking hott one of them looks lacey nelson (home town friend) hott as hell this is going to be added to my favorites list!!!

Darn it... Best Christmas gift ever!

I agree with Slugger. Boobs are the best Christmas gift EVER.

And damn, these girls are HOT! My God, really hot, uff! They took my breath away, man!