Reviews for "Slugger's X-Mas Greeting"


That was cool. Animation and art thought little was passible. The hot chicks rock. The song was hit or miss. Good Stuff.


A bunch of stolen images, and an animated slug with a gay song in it.

Cound never be done worse.

not bad

I like the song and thats about it but man some of those girls were hot.

not worth your time

whoah a butt ugly slugg talking about humping human chicks......what a sick fl_lck you are...and just scrolling of stupid pics off a site with no story or humor...a new low for zipper fish...


Its as much as i have come to expect from zipperfish, as for Y.A.A.F.M., How about you look at your own show before you go out and make fun of other people. You are fucking gay, and your show is stupid as fuck. As for this flash, Its fucking Christmas for gods sakes, cant you do something just a little bit more classy then a bunch of bimbos from free porno sights? Fuck!
When you wake up on the 25th, your gonna fnd a big muther fucker of a peice of coal in there you sick fuck.
Ps. Reg, Y.A.A.F.M