Reviews for "Slugger's X-Mas Greeting"

ohh man I love this!!

You are the best man! Two things I love the most.. christmas and boobies!!!!! yay!

I'll Do Anything For Boobs, But I Wont Do That

Nice Job, Dude :-P


That ruled!!!

Boobs are like odor fatigue.

The slug did not lip synch well, and some of the boob photographs were repeated, which was nauseating. This is not your garage where boobs are pinned up for an entire month at a time. Think: invigorate, fresh boobs, new morning! Merry f****ing Xmas.

I haven't a single erection after this ....

Dear santa Clause , I wish , for chrysmas to have a beautifull girl with nice chest , sleeping into my socket , lying next to a empty glass of milky and plate , and some good animations with not even
a single nipple to justify a 5 , thank you .