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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"


Hey that was great...i really hope to see more soon..i was wonderin wat the name of the song in BBQ was


Ok, I didn't understand anything in this movie. It made absolutly NO sense...... IT WAS GREAT!!!!! Everytime I come to Newgrounds, I can be rest assured of finding something that agrees with my twisted style of humor. Keep making things like that and you've got another fan. (Like you need another one right?)


That was freakin sweet. You guys got to do that more often. This is my favorite Yet.Keep them comin Guys!

Merry Melodies for the 21st Century

I grew up with the Merry Melodies. Dancing sardines jumping out of the can, EVERYTHING could move and sing. No wonder we took so much acid. Line 7 is a legitimate descendant of the trippy cartoons of the 50's and 60's. I loved it.


Great collaboration work. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, especially TFC's one. Nicely done. I'll be looking forward to the next simple line collaboration piece. There are some good line artists here, should make it a good piece of work.

10 & 5 for you all!