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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"

What can i say?

Well What CAN i say?? Genius... Friggin Genius, Who would have thought that this series would go such a long way? Watching the first one, the thought Wouldn't have Crossed my mind... Excellent Job!

Pure excellence

That was just plain, pure, unadulterated excellence in flash form. Good job guys.

YAY!Patrick dies.

Thanks for killing Patrick I hate Spongebob.And good music video but not best.Keep up the great work Orodreth and maybe you can make something beter than alien homid.God I hate that game.p.s. just joking about alien homid It's okay I think.Mwahahahahahahaha!


msi goes realy well with this kind of wiered shit good job


That was awesome. You all did well. Some stood out more like toxicbomb's and TFC's as those were my favourites. API's was quite boring though as it practically was the same thing. Overall, awesome