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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"


ToxicBomb and TFC had the best ones!! TFC for his Brak song and animation and Toxic for his awesome animation and cool shit!! Good job i wanna see more!!

TOXIC-BOMB responds:

w00! Ya man. There is definatley more to come! And think about it, there will be even GREATER animators coming up! Like....coughGELcough cough hack. But we will see what the future holds!


that was an impressive collaboration fellas....

every single movie was awesome but if had to rank em i'd say

1. Toxicwaste - Godamn what a nice flash this is. Great choice in music, I have never seen music put to flash so well before!

2. BBQ - Very entertaining, just love the style and flow of the animation, very well done.

3. TFC- Hilarious as well, loved the style and overall feel of it. Excellent work.

4th and 5th, Oro & API respectively.

Good job! Love to see more!

TOXIC-BOMB responds:

Well, im TOXICBOMB, but whos counting? haha. Ya man, Im glad you reviewed each part, it really motivates! Thank you!!!! 10 aswell, you rock!


that so looked like dan palidan's work. well, the explosions did. anyway, good job dudes.


I personally liked TFC's the best I really liked the song.....awesome job to all of you it rocked!!


That was awesome man. Loved every lil frame of it