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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"

wow dudes

you guys are gifted...this was A.

Foo Man-Shuu

Yes! I love it!!!!



i really think that it was a really nice flash full of everything also i loved the music ;) it was everything but monotonous .. my god, it kickass..!

Nice Going Guys !!

i liked everything exept API's :D
j/k heheh, Orodreth.. if i watch youre first simple line then i think, hmmm this animator sux !! :P but if i watch simple line 7.. damn that rules :) hehe
i liked the songs too, nice choice ;-)....(exept API's) :D:D:D
Cant wait for the next episode

and euhhhh 1 more thing....
i need to have that song of Brak and Zorak !!!
just email me orsomething :p



I love it. I love ToxicBomb's, THEBBQ's, and TFC's work the best, I love the way you guys do explosions, they make my best art look like trash, even though it makes me feel that way, I still feel great because you guys rock, I liked ToxicBomb's ripples and splash, it was amazing, great job everyone. ^_^