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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"


Mindless self indulgence, kicks so much ass. :P
Random as fsck. Cool stuff.


Those 2 did the best in all those flashes the others were good also. GJ.

i have to give it to all of you

but i have to start with tfc

HOLY SHIT!, i loved your style, twas amazingly fun. and the fact there was a story to it made it even more fun :D.

BBQ- your was pretty cool, i like the piano player and the style of coloring you used for the piggy and other characters of that sort. waz very cartoony but still imensly fun.

Api- short... good but very short not being at all critical here but nothing TOO enticing.

Tox- i love you have your water effects down to a t. thats great. thats cool because it is amazingly hard to do that. and i enjoyed the evil cloud. :D but 1 point off for killing patrick star... lol

Oro- i enjoy the song you chose, and the animation for this fit it quite well, a few parts made me laugh, exploding things everhwere is awsome no matter the circumstance.


Although not appreciated by many I like the style of animation that these guys use its smooth most of the time and go’s along with the music that they had chosen!
Ok the animations themselves I didn’t like the beginning of toxicbomb’s animation but all others were very very good!
Try and get tfc to participate in more the simple line episode he has a good choice in music and a great animation style!!


You get it just for an MSI song :)