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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"

that was really cool

ha that was sweet...good work all of you!

TOXIC-BOMB responds:

Thank you Master! :)


Yo it Maxilor sayin that this is one of the most gangsta flashes ive seen in my life man all of you your all brothas man *sniff* aight im OUT!!

damn thats good shit

god dam that animation was great
it was right on the front when it sed some of newgrounds best animators
lookin forward to more work

fuckin funny man!!!

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol tfc his flash was sooo funny best till last.
the song was so funny i want it !!!!! whats it called??? did u make it? send me it plz plz!!!!

GReat colab....

They were all well thought out.... i like the randomness....adds good humour... for example toxicbomb's... with the spongebob scene... that was hillarious... but in all, just a great flash