Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"

Die Paper-Raper

Nice job on your scene Vince, I wish you had the 'end' scene I asked ya to put in though. ;)

Vinstigator responds:

I wanted to add more but there was a lack of time. You did pretty good on your scenes yourself :D

I got special thanks!

Go me!

...Also Shin is gay, what kind of idiot spams a forum saying "unban me!"? Earth to Shin, that's not how you get unbanned!

Vinstigator responds:

Yeah Shin is a fuckin' idiot and deserves anything bad that comes his way. I also liked how he spammed our forums when he was banned from VG Reality. I kept locking his topics and deleting his posts lol. He's a persistant little bastard haha.

Thanks for the review, Darren! Score one for VGR!

Pretty cool.

Vince man!
Whats up though with the lack of those custom sprites I sent you? I mean, if you werent gonna bother using them you should've just declined my offer. I was really looking forward to seeing them, and now I have to cry myself to sleep.

Personal comments aside, the movie still kicked ass. The animation was decent, but I felt that the talking parts were way too slow. it could be just because I am a damn fast reader, but the text is only stuff like "We must get to point B and defeat someone", Its not a big deal if I dont read it all. Text boxes would be a big help for the slower people, (and there are alot of slow people on NG). It would lower the file size because theres less frames needed. Keep the good work up both of you.

Vinstigator responds:

Ah shit I totally forgot about those sprites man. I apologize. This was kind of a rushed project I didn't remember them until right now when you told me.

But thanks for the review! Still, I appreciate those Shin sprites you edited :D


Another good one vince, hehehe i wonder if shin can feel the pwnage on him right now lol, anyways just as good if not better
then the first one

Vinstigator responds:

Haha I bet Shin's in a corner crying right now cuz there's so much pwnage being dealt :P


Vince is a godddd. Check out that shiny Underdog award he has right now. :D.
A great movie, even better then the first one.
"You sure pwned him". lmao. Indeed you did Vinstigator, indeed you did. Youre still avoiding facts. lmao.
What the hell was up with that... shaggy song... at the start... and the lack of voices >:O.
Ah welllll, it's still awesome... More awesome then that underdog.
Good show guys, Good show.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks j00b :D

And yes everyone check out the Underdog award I recently won! This guy is my co-author and it is an honor to work with a legend like him :P