Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"

too slow?

Well this review goes to HardcoreD...while your sprites are nicely animated i wish the fights could've been more dynamic...it was just too slow in my opinion(not the framerate, the pace of the fights)...and Chrono being so tall compared to the HarcoreD character just didnt look right...the ending fight could've been better and longer...

That sprite you used to represent yourself seemed familiar..is it from some old Capcom side scroller?...i may be wrong but i am sure i have played the game before...

the humor?..well it just wasnt there...it's nothing more than gay sex jokes that get old fast and may appeal to 16 y/o and below...

Vinstigator responds:



Hey, good job Vince and HAcoreRD! You guys definately owned (or should I say, "pwned"?) Shin and Moogleslayer once again with this entertaining and creative comedy! It was also nice to see a few new, never-before-seen sprites in this as well. (The HAcoreRD and Joe ones were totally badass!) Also, I enjoyed the action-packed battles that were executed professionally in this. (As usual :) and the jokes (along with that stupid Elmer Fudd laugh) had me laughing my head off once more! I liked the music, except for the song "Angel" because I don't really like Shaggy that much. Other than that, this was fun to watch. Now, let's just hope that Shin and Moogle will stop tormenting others.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks Credic! Hey check out this movie again because I have now added voices! And hopefully Shin and Moogle will stop tormenting others by being n00bs.


sorry big guy.. this just didn't connect with me. Overall, the story was kinda weak, and well, the animation was a bit slow. how the characters talked were ok, but it was sorta a hollow ring to it all... didn't quite connect with me.
The music was good, and overall, this wasn't bad, but with this larger flux of sprite movies, i can't help but be critical, sorry. I'm not all to fond of these hate stories going back and forth... yea.. they (shin (and moog)) suck.. ok. it doesn't mean too much to me.

not a bad movie.. but not my cup of tea. 3/5
i would improve on the animation and the text a bit... the voices were funny too... i would've liked to see em again.

Vinstigator responds:

Oh well, at least you liked the first one. But wait, I've just added voices! SO CHECK IT OUT!


Hey z7x, be careful of what ya say about commies, im one of em. >.< although i didnt call anyone asian nerd -_-.
This was kinda good, although id surely prefer the hentai to stay XD
quite nice, keep on making these

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks man XD


the first Vince Trigger was good, this one is better, good work.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks man. Glad you thought it was better than the original!