Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"

This wasn't as funny as the last one

The interactivity wasn't so great on this one because if Kefka is gay with Kuppo then how come he wacks off to Hentai? Unless he's a bisexual, then it's understandable :/

But hey! I liked how you kept the plot on going by using Kefka existance depend on Hentai and porn lol. That's pretty funny Keep it up. It's ok man, you'll get better I know it. I'm one of your "5" voters anyways, I'm here to raise my voting power and your score up. Good luck :)

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks. Yeah I personally thought part 1 was better. Although I found the final battle in part 2 more humorous than part 1 :P


I liked it, but I won't take sides in this fight. This movie was nice and easy to understand, however the text kinda hung in one place for a while. First one was better IMO. Can't wait until you add the voices to this one!

And to all you motherfuckers who say "asian nerds": I myself am half asian. I hope you all die and burn in hell. You're all just a bunch of commies who probably can't Flash for shit, anyway.

So uhhh... good movie, keep it up, I hope to see another movie from you!

Vinstigator responds:

Voices have just been added, check it out :)

And the people who say "asian nerds" or whatever, are racist pieces of shits who've probably never even gotten laid.


I remember asking you when this would be finished.I had no idea it would be this good.Your stabs at shin were remarkable even though i dont understand really why you have so much hatrid towards him,other than he has a gay erotic boner for self drawn anime characters.perhaps its more personal than that though.you get a 5!

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks. Shin's an irritating asshat who doesn't know when to shut his mouth :P

Anyway, check this out again as I have recently added voice acting throughout the whole movie :D


Graphics: I noticed you put layars in this which is a good thing but lack of Custum animation/effects just don't give the movie an intresting look. Also the battles were WAY to slow it took the sprites to long to walk from point A to Point B.

Style: IMO you should have stoped after the first one. I don't think it was really neccesary to make more parts since you got your point across of what you think of them in the first one.

Sound: I did like the music but......look at the review I left in warfare 9 about the music, same thing here......

Violence: No blood gore or anything just sprites fighting eachother (which I don't consider violence). The only way I would give higher violence scores to a sprite movie would be if the battles are fast paced and what not.

Interactivity: No Comment

Humor: Most of your jokes were well executed but the things that hurt it's score is that it's all gay/hentai jokes again. So it really wasn't anything new. I smiled a few times at some of the jokes but most of the time I was....bleh.

Overall: 6
Vote: 3/5

Vinstigator responds:

I never intended to make a sequel but I got so many damn e-mails demanding one that I just had to do it. My voice actor is doing voices for the characters as we speak so once I add them, that will definately boost the humor big time. Anyway, thanks for the review.


overall interesting, and just plain random at parts, liked the elmer fud laugh out of nowhere. keep doin what your doin.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks, will do :D