Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"

Mad as. I love Crono Trigger.

Could you teach me how to make flash movies similar to yours. Im tryin 2 make my own Chrono Trigger flash movies and i got no clue how 2 start. fukin awsome movies. if u want 2 email me ur answer/and instructions 2 me u can get me @

me names Garry but most ppl no me as Swifty. Vince i really need ur help on how 2 make flash movies. if not possible how 2 make them with audio.

if u could thanks and ill drop u an email. im beggin u 2 teach me.
call me a noob all u want but im desperate i cant find help anywhere on tha net. ive looked everywhere. newayz make more vince trigger stuff or stuff using chrono trigger. u rule. i really think u rule. newayz drop us an email

swifty69r (newgrounds name)

Vinstigator responds:

Sorry. Like my good friend Tootbook, I stopped helping people a long time ago. But thanks for the feedback.

okay i guess...

this was okay... could be better though...

the voice acting needs some work...
i hated the fact that vince and HAcoreRD had basically the same voice... and why give marle a voice if she only had 2 lines?

also, use better sprites... joel's and HAcoreRD's sprites sucked, and the battle scene wasn't to go either... needs to be faster, better animated, and needs blood...

WTF? where did vince come from at the end? what happened to him? he just turned green and flew at the screen!!!

this has potential... but needs work...

and how could you do that to magus? that's just wrong!!!

need more of a story and better backgrounds...
and when the text says "look who it is", i expect to hear "look who it is" not "look who is it"

watch some good flash movies here to see how it's done...

remember the red

Vinstigator responds:



This completely kicks ass! I wonder if you'll do another one. Probably add a brown haired version of Marle or Ayla (me) in it?

Vinstigator responds:

If they don't shut their mouths then I will definately make a third one. Heh, it'll be like a trilogy :P

Oh and thanks for doing Marle's voice :)

:( < I'm conflicted... lots of good and bad.

You WROTE the better diss movie, you even had voices this time (the acting was very nice), but the animation and pacing just made me want to yell bloody murder. Plus the acting in some places didn't match the texts. DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU TO FIX THAT STUFF?

Vinstigator responds:

Actually this is the SEQUEL to my diss. The first one was way better. The only ones who didn't like it were the Shin fan-boys. Even Shin's good friends laughed their ass off at the first one! Hell even I laughed my ass off and I'm the one who made it!!!

And about fixing the text with the speech...I couldn't do that because that was HAcoreRD's scene (which he made in Flash MX) and since I used Swish, I couldn't edit anything in his scene.

Lube of love

Thank you sir for that boner.

...Heh, okay seriously, hilarious movie man.

Vinstigator responds:

And thank you for the review :D