Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"

How long will it last?

I'm glad to see you got Daily 2nd. I still find it odd that this whole battle is going down but keep up the good work at whipping the enemies.

Vinstigator responds:

Heh, thanks Kev.

Interesting, but...

I usually enjoy watching all sorts of sprite movies, regardless of its quality. However, for some unbeknown reason, this one just didn't quite appeal to me. I was constantly compelled to X out of the window all throughout the movie, and only the promise of a well-implemented final fight sequence kept me forcefully watching. However, I was disappointed.

First and foremost, the movie is SLOOWWWW beyond all human reasoning. The entire feature was cram-packed with moments when I would sit there idly, contemplating the meaning of life while waiting for the next set of dialogue to appear. You definately need to increase the overall speed of the movie... it's almost as if it's playing in Matrix bullet-time all throughout, and I mean that in a most negative way.

The story was interesting enough, although I found it a bit odd. The fight sequences were mildly compelling, but "nothing too new or interesting". The humor in this movie seems to be well admired by many viewers, but I found it all somewhat cheesy and repetetive. Overall, the movie was just OKAY... a tad bit boring for my taste, but most people seem to like it, and I suppose that's all that matters. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is a terrible movie... I just think that with a little more effort, you could improve on this by leaps and bounds.

Kudos to you! :)

Vince Trigger 2

"Interesting, but excruciatingly slow and boring for some. Shows some potential."


Vinstigator responds:

Fair review. I was going for humor with this movie. But don't worry, future movies will be much faster!

Awww man.....

Damn this thing between you and Shin is gettin kinda funny. Sorry bout your deacesd father HAcoreRD that really is messed up if he is trying to impersonate him.

Anyways The voices SUCK!!! but the humor makes up for that. Anyways good job guys. I expect to see more in the future from both of you. But try not to make a Shin hating flash just like he should stop making a Vince/HAcoreRD hating flash. There getting kinda tired now.



Vinstigator responds:

Thanks. Nah, we won't be making anymore hate flashes for a while. After this we agreed to continue with out big projects and stop dissing Shin since he can't take it anymore. I thought most of the humor came from the voices! Heh, well at least you like my jokes :P

Anyway, thanks for the review. FF Sonic kicks ass XD

It was pretty good

There were only a few things off though, it would've been a little better than if you coudl've gottena girl voice actor for thhat one scene even, though it doesn't really appeal much to the whole movie anyway. The sound was a little bad, it might've been just me,but there was a whole scene with no volume, and my volume was on as well. Also the fight scene with hardcore seemed a little bit on the slow side, none the less here are the good parts!

The final battle was really fast pased, and really sweet to watch, as well as the sound being really loud, and I like it really loud. The voicing was really on sinc, and the movie was down right hilarious. This was really good, i'm still gonna vote 5 anyway, this was awsome, fun to watch, and really funny.

I hope you win the war against shin, i've seen all his movies, they might be funny, but the effort is terrible, and he's made only 4 movies, dude you've got a million, and I love em all! Keep up your awsome work, i'm real impressed and real happy! Also those fags that jack off to hentai that don't like your movie, they can't tell good shit from bad crap, and they think they can just blam your movie. YOU CAN ONLY BLAM FLASH BEFORE IT'S SUBMITTED TO THE FLASH PORTAL!!! Thanks vince, keep up your awsome work!

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks man, one of the best reviews so far! Glad you liked it :D


It was good. there were times when it could have been a bit more exciting, however, all and all it was good. Maybe if the sound could be a regular instead of every other scene would help with the flow of the piece.

Also, if you are blaming this, try to at least make a review that means something. Insulting the creator doesn't do a damn thing to inprove their craft and just pisses them and others, who like them, spend their time making flashes instead of lurking about NG trying to down someone else's work. If you don't like it, fine, say you don't like it and leave it at that. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to your damn self.

Vinstigator responds:

Thank you. I'm used to idiotic reviews. Heck this is Newgrounds, home of the idiots and hentai freaks. Anyway, thanks for the review and support.