Reviews for "Vince Trigger 2"

its kinda lame

my favorite thing about this video is the wonderful song.

Vinstigator responds:

If it wasn't for the money, cars, etc., I WONDER

these series are sooooo

slow....sorry but this isnt my kind of sprite movie

Vinstigator responds:

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pretty good but i liked the first better...

This was really good too but some of the sentences didn't go with what they were saying and they might be on longer too sometimes. it wasn't as long or as funny either more serious. But it was still good anyway great job.

Vinstigator responds:

They say the sequels are rarely better than the originals. But it was still funny as fuck :D

I like the graphics but,...

It may be last years but, What still gives with this rivalry between you and the 2 authors Shin2k27 and Moogleslayer, in fact they havent submitted in quite awhile. I seen this before and it used to have Missy elliotts track but it got replaced. The text with the seen with you and HArcorED voice acting seemed to be abit offline and seemed to shift slowly. I love Chrono Trigger flash but I just dont see anything thats concidered gay with Shin and Moogleslayer. There flash seemed ok to me and wasnt going slow as the part when Vince and HArcorED were talking and punching up poor Moogleslayer. When HArcorED said for example, "HArcorED called moogleslayer a chode smoker" when his text didnt have it, and when Marlie was mensoned, he said "I hope you share her and hope she gives sloppy seconds she can suck the chrome off a bumper", the text didnt say anything like that.

Also what im concerned' bout, Do you guys have somthing against sim dates? I played some of them and some werent all bad. Galaxy angel wasnt bad, in fact it was alittle better than of Love Hina.

One more thing, Whats with calling Shin a paper raper? I mean Joel said somthing about him being able to absorb souls when people jerk off to hentai.Again, I like Chrono trigger stuff, but not when it comes to insulting other authors unless theres a reason. Are you sure you didnt steal a flash scene or 2 like Shin clames you guys have? There were just some things I didnt see funny. But I did like the first scene however. (that I did like)

Vinstigator responds:

Suck my cock you paper-raper


the second part is as good as the first! there was only one problem i saw though. the pause between the different character's dialouge when you see moogleslayer is very long. other than that it was another great ownage by vince. good job.

Vinstigator responds:

I'll paste the reason why it paused a lot...

I don't know what happened. It ran so damn smoothly when we tested it but when I imported some of HC's scenes (which were made in Macromedia flash) into Swish, it slowed down. I tried to fix it even by upping the FPS, but it still looked the same.

Anyway glad you lilked it :)