Reviews for "M64|Winged Cap Remix SE|Trance"


Wow, it's really neat watching you progress through all the different techniques over time. Firsty, let me say that I like this piece. Just with the technical stuff I'll go through might make it sound as if I don't like it, which is ironic to the truth. Anyways, I can tell you wrote this one in FL, it sounds very much like those instruments. I like the ambience and mellowness of the song. Frankly, I never did like the actual melody of this song, so I won't go at that. However, the music itself is very much a trance piece. I love your synth instruments, I want to know which ones you use. Anyways, the drum beats are quite unique and the actual ambience overall is once again beautiful. *sigh* I wish I could still remix video game tunes, however, I've moved on into composition, which no one seems to really listen to on this site... Blah oh well good job again.

HouseMasta responds:

Thanks for youre review - i used the Wasps, eflute, tranceleads, and some other stuff i cant remember.

Thanks for the 9!


Sorry I havent been around in a while - my computer was on the fritz and had to get taken in

Good stuff, i wish this was higher on the charts though!

HouseMasta responds:

yea, people voted 0 on this because it was Number 1 - oh well, itll come back eventually

Hey man.

The remix is good. I just can't vote highed because it's only a remix :/. But it sounds nice!

PS. Have I understood wrong or is it true that you must get some license (in this situation from Nintendo) in order to release remixes made from copyrighted songs? Or can remixes be done "free-of-charge"? I would be gladful to get answer for this question because myself im planning to make some videogame remixes.

Keep it loud!

HouseMasta responds:

You dont need the license -

youre voting low only because its a remix? thats probably the dumbest (no offense) reason Ive ever heard



Hey, that was awesome! I agree with the reviewer before me! This song is truely great!
Thanks for making my day.

By the way, I want to go play Mario 64 over again now!

HouseMasta responds:

Nostalgia Factor! Glad you enjoyed it!

Nice job

Great and i want to say something AMOEBOY IS A BIG ******* he say ``its a waste of time`` the only waste of time is that you write this review so if you dont like those music go away!!! because this is my homepage anyway great remix HouseMata!!!

your fan:zupersonic ;)

HouseMasta responds:

Hey thanks a bunch zupersonic! I thank you for the review and the 5!