Reviews for "M64|Winged Cap Remix SE|Trance"


What a waste of time, can't believe this got into the top 5, it sux.

HouseMasta responds:

youre such a waste of time.


Nice job!

I like it, but i have one question - What does SE stand for?

HouseMasta responds:

SE = Special Edition

Thanks for your review!

Not my cup of tea....

....this is a nice tune and i'm sure it will be used in many a Flash animation, but I don't know what M64 Winged Cap is! I guess it's a remix of a tune that was used in a video game already, that's why I've been harsh on the originality score. I don't like this kinda music, but for this particular site it is perfect and that's why it has scored high. Does nothing for me I'm afraid. The production and arrangement are good, but I find it a bit on the boring side.

HouseMasta responds:

blah blah blah

another MASTERPIECE...well done

very cool remix, keep at the kick ass work...

HouseMasta responds:

Thanks for your review dude!