Reviews for "M64|Winged Cap Remix SE|Trance"

this is simplly amazing

i'm speachless.good,great,amazing.no way i can explain it.

HouseMasta responds:

well thanks ruletheday for an awesome review [love dem tens!]

Hope to hear from you again!

Great job

its a perfect remix i think
cool that you made it into trance

HouseMasta responds:

i know lol

thanks killignmo for the 10, appreciate it

good times

this brings back loads of memeroys from the n64 game and in my opinion its better than the origianl. Again good job

HouseMasta responds:

thanks lordmonkeybutt!!!1


excellent remix! this one's going on my ipod!

HouseMasta responds:



You make teh best mario music on newgrounds or any uver site ive heard mario on. 9when i get teh thingy ima gonna put ur songs on me psp).

HouseMasta responds:

sweet, on your psp! thanks a lot man!